Silky Oak

Brown Timber Species

Species Name: Silky Oak

Botanical name(s): Darlingia darlingiana; Cardwelli SUBLIMIS

Size and location information: A large hardwood of North Queensland.

Description: Heartwood pale pinkish brown. Sapwood not always distinctively paler.

Density: Dry: 550kg/m3

Janka Hardness Rating:

Shrinkage: 1.5% Radial, 4.5% tangential

Durability: In ground: Class 4 Above ground: Class 4

Lyctids Susceptibility: Yes

Termite Resistance (AS3660): No

Strength Group: S6/SD7

Fire Hazard properties:

Easy to work. Gummy carbohydrate extractives can affect strength of adhesives.

Furniture, joinery, plywood.


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