Flexible Moulding

Milano Flexible Mouldings have become a timber of moulding of choice for astute and discerning architects, interior designers, and individuals. These elegant timber products have great versatility whilst maintaining an elegance and beauty that greatly enhances the appearance of any room or interior or exterior wall.

The wonderful flexibility of Milano Flex enables it to be used in a wide variety of applications. It can literally bend around curved walls, this quality making it ideal for improving the aesthetics and refinement in architectural design. These mouldings are so flexible they can even be used for port holes in ships and boats. Even compound curves, structures that curve in more than one direction, are easily addressed by Milano Flex Flexible Mouldings. This flexible timber moulding accepts a variety of paint finishes, can be provided in lengths up to 3.6 metres, is manufactured to many profile choices, and Paradise Timbers can create a Milano Flex flexible timber moulding to your specifications.

Tradespeople greatly appreciate the versatility of this product. It can be nailed with a nail gun, easing installation of this product. The moulding requires no special tricks to install and will not expand or crack over time. Aesthetically excellent and a wonderful product to work with. Our flexible moulding process is as good as it gets!

Paradise Timbers is proud to be able to offer this outstanding product to its customers. Contact Us today or examine our on-line display of Milano Flex Flexible Mouldings.

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